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So She's Upset That He Didn't Want To See Her Naked

Sorry about deleting your comment justagirl. I accidentally posted this in my regular journal instead of here in the community.

I guess I can understand that "The Bitchy Girl" would be upset that "The Bully" didn't want to play the clothes game with her.

But, I got the impression that she really didn't care what the group thought of her so that this would offend her amazes me. Of course, a lot of people who say they don't care what other people think of them are lying.

What I really don't understand about the fight is that it escalated so quickly. She said that she had her anger management issues under control. I guess not.
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no prob,
so i just thought she made a big deal out of nothing
She made a really big deal out of absolutely nothing. That's why I still can't understand the fight. There had to be a lot more behind it than has been let out so far.
Okay, here's what my thoughts are of the situation

Yeah, she's bitchy girl and she said she got over it in the beginning.
Please remember the scene where she was talking to the bully and I think the player and she was stating that she was a mom but there was no hubby/boyfriend, that the father's in the picture but...
bully looks impressed and makes a mention.
Flash forward to the flash. She's all good with him then she flashes him and then the sod off.

My interpretations.
She either liked him in high school or she was eyeing him at this thing. Either way, I'm thinking the girl is/was hot for this boy. She flashes him in front of a room full of people (and America) and in an off handed way, because he has no clue, he shuns her advances. She gets rejected after, in a fashion, throwing herself at him (and please also remember that she's not one of the hotties, she's just a regular gal). This totally humiliates her and she snaps back in ultra defense mode.

She storms off hoping he'd follow and he did and then she tries to regain control with the don't yell at me thing which he wasn't at all, she just didn't want anyone else to hear anything else to bring more humiliation. He walks away and she's now screwed. She's not only been dejected but she's made a scene so hmm, only two things can happen from this point, you can either bite the bullet and walk tall or you can throw yourself an extreme pity party which she chose to do. A few people went to her party and it was only until the guest of honour showed back up was it okay again.

Like I said. Only one person could have brought her back into the fold and he did that. I give bully props for that. So, who's the brown haired girl he's hot after???

That makes sense. I'm sure in "The Bitchy Girl"'s mind that when the bully expressed some interest in her marital status, she thought, "this guy is interested in me."

Then when he wouldn't take her advances, she got frustrated and thought he was playing the same bully mind games he had in high school. She probably thought, "this guy is leading me on and setting me up for a fall, how mean!"
Heck, I'm sure she didn't even think that much!!!

She had her grrrgrr tiger mojo on him and she was rebuked and the only thing most likely going through that head of her was What the Feck!!!???!!!! I'm such a fecking ass!!!

Because at a certain point there is no thinking in a humiliating situation. Heh. I have this knack for feeling things in people...and I have a hard time watching someone going through something like that because a la Lucy, people humiliating themselves, or getting humiliated can at times punch a hole in my heart.

I'm very much looking forward to tonight's episode. =)