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I liked tonight's show!! I thought it was a good one. And next week looks even better with Natasha getting what she deserves -but that whole popular in-crow clique thing going on is really not cool! Anyway... Dave and what's her name are cute together -really cute!! And Ben with that other girl (why can't I remember any of the girl's names tonight?) they are really cute too -but I thought last week they said she had a boyfriend. I dunno. And that fish!!! WOW!!! That was awesome.

I still think that some of these people though will never outgrow their high school roles. My cousin and I were talking about it tonight and it's sad that like Dan and Natasha will forever be stuck in that "I was once popular I don't ever want to come down off my pedastal" attitude. Maybe they haven't really hit reality yet! My high school wasn't like that -but then again I only graduated 4 years ago so in 10 years some people I graduated with could still be exactly the same as they were in high school!
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