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Since there was no show this week~

Okay, since a new one wasn't on this weekend (and I was not thrilled about that!) I decided to tell you all what I thought about the fifth time I was watching Ben and Dave box (yeah, getting a bit better with the names too).

No, it really wasn't anything about the boys in the ring...after so many times you kinda wander about. Anyway, this is my brain wandering. I realized the hats that certain people were wearing.

Dan was wearing this Frank Sinatra type hat and Tim was wearing the Irishman's cap. There are the occasional sun hats on the ladies and of course the obligitory baseball cap.

Then I had another thought. These people had to pack these things specifically. I mean you only got what you brought and Dan made sure to bring his Frank hat...that thought made me giggle. I could see Tim wanting to wear his Irishman's cap on the plane on account of it being chilly from time to time in the plane's cabin and having no hair could make it slightly uncomfy like me thinks.

Okay, yeah, so I realized that everything someone is wearing they HAD to have it for the trip...I just know I'm going to be checking out their fashions a whole lot closer!!!

Oh, and Jeff needs to learn how to turn on an iron!!!

He looked like a wrinkly little turtle sitting in the chair talking about asking Patricia out.

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