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High School Reunion's Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in High School Reunion's LiveJournal:

Monday, February 10th, 2003
1:02 pm
I was really happy that Tim was in there a lot and it does look like Tim was the culprit to all Summer's little gifies (or so the previews suggested). Next week we get to see Mr. Tim in a tux..looking forward to that.

Now the Maya/Ben thing. What's her problem? She said yes to Dan because Ben wasn't being forward enough and then stating she wants a kiss and when she gets it she's all oh my lamb about it. That kinda pissed me off because you're making him dance through all these hoops he's not used to dancing to. Poor little Benny.

And then Patricia saying yes then saying no. What a little p-rik tease..she should have just said no in the beginning but I also don't think he should have asked her with her ladies in waiting in the room.

The bike trip looked pretty nice. I wonder who the person will be that will be going stag? It's cute that Jeff and the yeller girl are going to the prom together. Maybe the jock and the chubby cheerleader, chris may be the stag one.
jeff/yeller girl
and the rest remains to be seen....here are the others kisser boy, Trish, Chris, Maurice, cheerleader, tall girl..who am I missing? oh, and the jock
so my guess is
tall girl/kisser boy
chris solo.

These are all rushed guesses. I don't think that Trish and is his name Jason? I don't think he'll ask her again.

I don't care for that lassie at all!!

What do you think the prom hook-ups will be?


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Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
10:02 pm
during the rumor game, when the host asked Ben how he made his money, what was his response? i missed that part
9:57 pm
Ben and Mya are sooooo cute... and ohmigod he really is a millionaire!!! Mya was totally right when she said what she did about him being humbled by it -he totally doesn't make a big deal about it, and that's great!

Natasha and Tricia! EWWWWWW!! And even Nicole is ewww-ing me out at this point! Nicole needs to GROW UP!!!

That's about all I have to say, but yeah I'm rooting for Ben and Mya!
Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
12:25 am
Since there was no show this week~
Okay, since a new one wasn't on this weekend (and I was not thrilled about that!) I decided to tell you all what I thought about the fifth time I was watching Ben and Dave box (yeah, getting a bit better with the names too).

No, it really wasn't anything about the boys in the ring...after so many times you kinda wander about. Anyway, this is my brain wandering. I realized the hats that certain people were wearing.

Dan was wearing this Frank Sinatra type hat and Tim was wearing the Irishman's cap. There are the occasional sun hats on the ladies and of course the obligitory baseball cap.

Then I had another thought. These people had to pack these things specifically. I mean you only got what you brought and Dan made sure to bring his Frank hat...that thought made me giggle. I could see Tim wanting to wear his Irishman's cap on the plane on account of it being chilly from time to time in the plane's cabin and having no hair could make it slightly uncomfy like me thinks.

Okay, yeah, so I realized that everything someone is wearing they HAD to have it for the trip...I just know I'm going to be checking out their fashions a whole lot closer!!!

Oh, and Jeff needs to learn how to turn on an iron!!!

He looked like a wrinkly little turtle sitting in the chair talking about asking Patricia out.


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Thursday, January 23rd, 2003
8:24 pm
Does anyone know if they have bios for everyone on High School Reunion? They have those report card thingies -which are basically the same thing- but they don't have them for everyone. Does anyone know if maybe they're hiding on the website or something??
Sunday, January 19th, 2003
11:22 pm
Okay, have to start off with the best shot of the night...Dave getting the t shot only to have the, 'Man, I got busted looking at that girl's boobie on national tv!' look on his face...just minutes after we hear him make the hiding some fun statement.

Natasha's starting to get the 'oooh Bens' which is cute because now that the homecoming queen is interested in him he HAS to be cool.

Jeff is so funny, he makes me giggle, he's cute in a boyish charm sort of way. My grrl Care digs on the new Dan jock guy...who I believe is the one that wrote the Summer note.
I don't care for his looks. The three guys that I would automatically gravitate to are Tim, Jeff and Maurice. My grrlie's upset because she doesn't realy dig on any of the females...that's why she was resorting to looking at the men.

Player Dan asleep on the big chair, I love moments like that. You know that Summer, Tim and Ben were having so much fun doing it too. Dan's an old man with his glasses on his chest and snores bellowing...I enjoyed him.

Personal observation: There was a point on the beach which Jock grabs Summer by the waist and you see Tim point. When I watched it it was almost like he was saying, 'this is the moment I lost Summer.'

OooooHH!!! And the previews for next week...Natasha all pouty because Dan's on a date with Summer, hee hee
The popular kid's party!!!! Too classic!!! You know it's good get good! heh

Okay, well, that's it for this moment and I'm sure I'll come back with a few other things that I forgot about.



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11:22 pm
I liked tonight's show!! I thought it was a good one. And next week looks even better with Natasha getting what she deserves -but that whole popular in-crow clique thing going on is really not cool! Anyway... Dave and what's her name are cute together -really cute!! And Ben with that other girl (why can't I remember any of the girl's names tonight?) they are really cute too -but I thought last week they said she had a boyfriend. I dunno. And that fish!!! WOW!!! That was awesome.

I still think that some of these people though will never outgrow their high school roles. My cousin and I were talking about it tonight and it's sad that like Dan and Natasha will forever be stuck in that "I was once popular I don't ever want to come down off my pedastal" attitude. Maybe they haven't really hit reality yet! My high school wasn't like that -but then again I only graduated 4 years ago so in 10 years some people I graduated with could still be exactly the same as they were in high school!
4:40 pm
hey everyone i just joined i <33 the show.

i really dislike danny barbado, he think's he is some hot stuff and i also don't understand the guys being into natasha. i don't think she has a good pesonality or is pretty. it was bitchy for her to go up to the tall girl with the flowers.

i think the shy guy wo took natasha out is definatly the cutest. he seems so nice and down to earth. i wonder if he has money like the guys think he does..?

i can't wait to watch the show again tonight. but i can't stand natasha and danny together..

alright bye everyone!
Friday, January 17th, 2003
9:08 am
So She's Upset That He Didn't Want To See Her Naked
Sorry about deleting your comment justagirl. I accidentally posted this in my regular journal instead of here in the community.

I guess I can understand that "The Bitchy Girl" would be upset that "The Bully" didn't want to play the clothes game with her.

But, I got the impression that she really didn't care what the group thought of her so that this would offend her amazes me. Of course, a lot of people who say they don't care what other people think of them are lying.

What I really don't understand about the fight is that it escalated so quickly. She said that she had her anger management issues under control. I guess not.

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Monday, January 13th, 2003
10:47 pm
Dan Barbado
Okay. Sweetpea and I were discussing the many fine attributes of Natalie and Dan and she mentioned that Dan Barbado's a grad student. That got me to thinking about Dan, and more importantly, all that background stuff that comes from knowing where these people are from.

So, not sure how many of you know these things, but I'm just stating them for reminder's case.

The school they come from (I believe) is a public school, but the area where they're from is base upper middle class. These families are doing all right. So basically, most of these kids never had to work their way through school or anything and have had (for the most part) decent/sheltered upbringings (yes, this is an assumption based on who I know that lives there and the kids I know that go/have gone to the school..I'm not talking about the exceptions like possible rape, incest, torture and the like), but yes, I would say it was safe to say this kids were sheltered for the most part. That wasn't really my point, but it showed up anyway. =)

Actually what I wanted to mention was another point of location. They grew up right near a street called Harlem Avenue. This was/is a 'strip' of sorts...this was dubbed 'Little Italy'. The girls with their huge high hair would be hanging by boys who were leaning on their I-Roc Z's and they were just soooo cool...just ask them! (Yes, I've actually know one of these humans). A lot of these males believe that they are all that...with their expensive clothes and their jewelry and their tans. They would be the guys at all the dance clubs macking on all the ladies and spending as much time getting ready for a night out as girls would. We call these humans Guidos (no offense to the Italians out there).

To me, Dan Barbado reeks of Guido. I look at him and I have to giggle because he's so thinking he's all that and he.......well, makes me giggle. =)

Dan, Dan, he's our man, if he can't flex, no one can!!!

I hope he and Natalie mate and have little chillin'!!! Then when they get old enough they can see the show and they can say, "eeew mommy, your butt's hanging out of your pants!"
"But honey, that's how I landed your daddy!"

And there would be hugs abound.

That one fuzzy though alone can keep me warm through the night. =p

um, okay, bye-bye.


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Sunday, January 12th, 2003
10:48 pm
I'm very psyched that this community exists!!! I was watching this tonight thinking man, I so want to gossip about this show.

I'll start by saying I'm not much of a tv watcher anymore (used to years ago), but this winter with all these new reality shows, howcan I NOT watch tv..and it all starts on Sunday night with High School Reunion!

Not sure why I like it so much. I love the concept, I love that they're from somewhere close to my hood so you (meaning a Chicagoland human) inherintly know a lot more about these people because we (said Chicagolanders) grew up in reletively the same world (although I grew through it earlier than they did, heh).

Anyway, my personal thoughts (and I will most likely screw up names, I do that, forgive me in advance):

Dan (the player)...EEeeeewwwwwwie. Int he first show TOTALLY milking that nut bag girl fo the first date thing flexing his little bobbies and pouring water over his head like he was Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance, please. I hope he and the big eyebrow girl stay all together like because they are both icky to me.
I feel bad for the mistfit because he's terrified of Bully boy. Now I thought I wouldn't care for bully boy but he totally pulled through tonight and I have to give him props because only he could have fixed that freak out with that girl. He HAD to be the one to bring her back into the fold.

Oh, and what was with eyebrow girl (popular one) going up to nut bag (tall girl) with the flowers? What a WITCH! Man, see, girls are evil!
I think the loner guy (eyebrow boy) is the cutest and the most normal like to me.
Man, and when new boy came in tonight, heh. Too funny. I feel kinda bad for the class clown/thong boy because he's got to step up and be one charming mo fo!
So, that's my current opinions on a few of the cast members.

Thanks again for putting this puppy into play!!!

yip yip


Current Mood: giddy
9:14 pm
I just joined this little community and I'm gonna try and help it grow a little.

I'm in the middle of the show and I am currently slightly annoyed at it! I hate Natasha -she needs to grow up! And is still and will always be the player that he was in high school!

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, January 11th, 2003
12:21 am
High School Reunion Discussion
I hate to get the ball rolling on communities (although you'd never know it with how opinionated I can be in my personal rant journal).

But of course, since I'm the moderator and only member right now, I guess the "shy guy" has to do it.

Post whatever you want on your thoughts on the first episode, your favorite reunion member or whatever...
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