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Dan Barbado

Okay. Sweetpea and I were discussing the many fine attributes of Natalie and Dan and she mentioned that Dan Barbado's a grad student. That got me to thinking about Dan, and more importantly, all that background stuff that comes from knowing where these people are from.

So, not sure how many of you know these things, but I'm just stating them for reminder's case.

The school they come from (I believe) is a public school, but the area where they're from is base upper middle class. These families are doing all right. So basically, most of these kids never had to work their way through school or anything and have had (for the most part) decent/sheltered upbringings (yes, this is an assumption based on who I know that lives there and the kids I know that go/have gone to the school..I'm not talking about the exceptions like possible rape, incest, torture and the like), but yes, I would say it was safe to say this kids were sheltered for the most part. That wasn't really my point, but it showed up anyway. =)

Actually what I wanted to mention was another point of location. They grew up right near a street called Harlem Avenue. This was/is a 'strip' of sorts...this was dubbed 'Little Italy'. The girls with their huge high hair would be hanging by boys who were leaning on their I-Roc Z's and they were just soooo cool...just ask them! (Yes, I've actually know one of these humans). A lot of these males believe that they are all that...with their expensive clothes and their jewelry and their tans. They would be the guys at all the dance clubs macking on all the ladies and spending as much time getting ready for a night out as girls would. We call these humans Guidos (no offense to the Italians out there).

To me, Dan Barbado reeks of Guido. I look at him and I have to giggle because he's so thinking he's all that and he.......well, makes me giggle. =)

Dan, Dan, he's our man, if he can't flex, no one can!!!

I hope he and Natalie mate and have little chillin'!!! Then when they get old enough they can see the show and they can say, "eeew mommy, your butt's hanging out of your pants!"
"But honey, that's how I landed your daddy!"

And there would be hugs abound.

That one fuzzy though alone can keep me warm through the night. =p

um, okay, bye-bye.

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