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I'm very psyched that this community exists!!! I was watching this tonight thinking man, I so want to gossip about this show.

I'll start by saying I'm not much of a tv watcher anymore (used to years ago), but this winter with all these new reality shows, howcan I NOT watch tv..and it all starts on Sunday night with High School Reunion!

Not sure why I like it so much. I love the concept, I love that they're from somewhere close to my hood so you (meaning a Chicagoland human) inherintly know a lot more about these people because we (said Chicagolanders) grew up in reletively the same world (although I grew through it earlier than they did, heh).

Anyway, my personal thoughts (and I will most likely screw up names, I do that, forgive me in advance):

Dan (the player)...EEeeeewwwwwwie. Int he first show TOTALLY milking that nut bag girl fo the first date thing flexing his little bobbies and pouring water over his head like he was Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance, please. I hope he and the big eyebrow girl stay all together like because they are both icky to me.
I feel bad for the mistfit because he's terrified of Bully boy. Now I thought I wouldn't care for bully boy but he totally pulled through tonight and I have to give him props because only he could have fixed that freak out with that girl. He HAD to be the one to bring her back into the fold.

Oh, and what was with eyebrow girl (popular one) going up to nut bag (tall girl) with the flowers? What a WITCH! Man, see, girls are evil!
I think the loner guy (eyebrow boy) is the cutest and the most normal like to me.
Man, and when new boy came in tonight, heh. Too funny. I feel kinda bad for the class clown/thong boy because he's got to step up and be one charming mo fo!
So, that's my current opinions on a few of the cast members.

Thanks again for putting this puppy into play!!!

yip yip

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